Wednesday 18 February 2009

AnTherm goes parallel

The heat bridges simulation software AnTherm goes next major step further in improving the calculation performance and thus drastically reducing time required to receive primary indicators for complex three dimensional building components.
According to an earlier project announcement the main simulation engine of AnTherm now executes on multiple processors in parallel. The evaluation of boundary condition independent indicators, such as thermal coupling coefficients, utilizes up to all processors or processor cores in parallel. By distributing the calculation to several processors simultaneously calculation results are obtained faster.
Following benchmark proves this major improvement: a calculation of a model with 600.000 equations (thermal steady state heat flow) completes after 14 seconds when run on one processor compared to less then 10 seconds when run on dual core system utilizing both cores. When run on four cores (which is typical to most currently manufactured business personal computers) the results are obtained at less then 5 seconds!
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Sunday 8 February 2009

AnTherm Heat Bridge Image Collection

AnTherm Image Collection started at

AnTherm has been created with the visualization of heat and vapour diffusion flows in mind - especially those within thermal heat bridges (sometimes called "cold bridges", Wärmebrücken and Kältebrücken).

I will post further images emphasizing the physics of heat transfer in building constructions occasionally in the blog or directly on .

From AnTherm

Localizing the AnTherm blog - the big issue.

Well. It shows to be pretty difficult when it comes to make the decision on publishing language.
Being located in Europe and having AnTherm targeting engineers throughout the region I decided to mix languages depending on the readers group (yes, AnTherm "speaks" English and German currently).
Every European language? With sure not. For most of our readers English will fit well. From time to time I will turn to German.

enjoy & understand!

AnTherm Blog

Nach dem es schon mehr als 20 Jahre seit dem ersten Engagements in dem Thema "Wärmebrücken" (aka WAEBRU) und 6 Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung der ersten Version von AnTherm vergangen sind, glaube ich, dass sich die Benutzer vom AnTherm (und das AnTherm "himself") einen Blog verdient haben.
Aktuelles zum AnTherm ist natürlich auf der AnTherm-Website zu finden: