Thursday 5 March 2009

Compliance with current EN ISO 10211:2007 and EN ISO 10077-2:2003

During the validation session in December 2008 AnTherm has again and easily completed validation tests of current EN ISO 10211:2007 and EN ISO 10077-2:2003. The proof of the conformance is available at the AnTherms website for your reference. All test cases under consideration are available by installing AnTherm (including its demonstrational version) so that external checks are readily possible – see .

Such validation is mandatory in the framework of the EPBD regulations of the EU Member States.

Note: Some minor errors have been detected within the EN ISO 10211:2007 in the validation case 3 lately (thanks to Antoine Tilmans who has pointed that out to me clearly and supplied updated table). These minor changes have no ramifications regarding the fulfillment of the overall validation test criteria in my opinion!