Monday, 25 May 2009

AnTherm “talks” English AND German - as it always did!

Several times I was confronted with mistaken interpretation of AnTherm’s language support. On some forums I’ve even read “… ottimo programma ma è in tedesco. Qualcuno potrebbe consigliarmi qualche software di per la valutazione dei ponti termici?”.

AnTherm “talks” English AND German currently. This bilingual ability can be instantly switched within any installation of AnTherm.
Only the setup “speaks” either of the languages – this depends upon the download language choice, but the installation setup does not influence the bilingual property of AnTherm.

AnTherm will automatically talk German only if installed on the system with German language preset as local. Otherwise AnTherm will choose its default language – English.

Thus you can output “Leitwert Matrix” or switch to English and use “the Conductance Matrix”. Same applies to “längenbezogene Wärmeübergangskoeffizient” or “linear thermal transmittance”.

It’s the matter of your choice! Enjoy and Understand!

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