Monday 31 August 2009

Psi-Value Calculation with AnTherm

As soon as simulation results of a two dimension calculation are available or created in AnTherm the Psi-Value Calculator will pick the value of the coupling coefficient between the two selected spaces automatically.

AnTherm provides the matrix of thermal coupling coefficients resulting from stationary simulation of respective modelled construction. AnTherm shows U-Values for all layered constructs at adiabatic cut-off planes of the modelled component.

The Psi-Value Determination Form is used for automatic calculation of the linear thermal transmittance Psi of the (linear) thermal heat bridge (correction factors Psi (Ψ, LΨ, ) for the currently analysed two dimensional (2D) building component according to the EN ISO 10211 (or EN ISO 10077).

Remark: Psi-Value Determination Form will show disabled if neither automatic nor partly automatic determination is feasible for the particular model.

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