Tuesday 5 April 2016

AnTherm Documentation Update

The software AnTherm is equipped with extensive Help and Documentation. AnTherm-Blog offers supplemental information. Picture gallery (Picasa) and Video gallery (YouTube) provide visual impression.
This documentation is not only included with the program's installation but it can be also viewed on internet.

We've made efforts to provide documentation suitable for every user - an engineer, architect or student - making the starting the use of an application as easy as possible. Theoretical background of building physics and engineering calculations, used algorithms and procedures but also normative information have found their way into the documentation.

Extensive tutorials enable an easy start for new user leading him through a calculation of a two dimensional and then three dimensional thermal bridge component. The study of examples provides a quick overview of major application's functions. We've selected few common construction components for chosen  simulations and thermal heat/cold bridge analyses. Evaluations of heat stream (heat flux) lines, temperature on component's surfaces or throughout an interior of construction or even evaluations of condensing humidity (dew point) to answer the question about the risk of mould growth have been considered in examples chosen.

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